Professional support to help you transform your business.

If you are just starting out, shaking things up or getting ready to supercharge your success, Honey Badger Consultancy is the associate you need to take off. 

I bring the energy, ideas, coordination and solutions to lift your business to the next level, giving you the freedom to get back to what you do best. 

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This might suit you if:

Your project already in-flight and you need an interim project coordinator to assist you with the set-up and implementation

As an enthusiastic and ambitious entrepreneur, you need administrative assistance on a short-term basis to get your dreams off the ground

You need some office support to make sure the groundwork is ready for your bigger picture: think tele-conferencing services, marketing plans and social media accounts, HR documents and reporting processes. 

​You need of interim EA support due to annual or maternity leave, and need someone to step in and hit the ground running.

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If you are juggling a million plates, being pulled in all directions and can’t seem to grab a minute to sit down

and do your job, it's time to delegate. 

I understand that it can be difficult handing off important projects or tasks, which is why I’m available with my know-how, efficiency and unwavering energy to help you get your ducks in a row so fast you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. 

If you’re ready to feel supported and secure in your business with an executive ally that’s got your back,

see below for my areas of expertise:

Project Coordination

Virtual Assistant: Professional & Personal

If you’d like someone to work alongside your project manager to keep things running smoothly, I can coordinate resources, equipment, meetings, and information so that you can be confident you’ll complete on time and within budget.

Bringing my experience from global business transformation/change project management, I’ll be on hand to: 

- Track each applicable stage throughout its life-cycle and makes sure that critical information is shared among the various team members.

- Prepare and maintain project plans

Manage your project risks and issues log

- Schedule and minute take for project meetings including stakeholder, steering committee, governance meetings

- Provide administrative support as needed

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Sometimes you need someone to make sense of the ‘stuff’ that seems to take over your day. 

If you need help planning, delegating and generally being an organisational queen, I can step in to take away the stress and deliver gorgeous office zen! 

I can help with the following tasks: 

- Management of your diary, emails and travel planning

- Maternity and annual leave cover

- Start-up business support 

- Expenses and receipt processing

- Corporate presentations 

- Events planning including conferences, corporate and social events. 

- Research

- Accounts payable support

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I’m pretty sure one of the first questions on your mind is: Wendy, why would you name your business after a Honey Badger?​! 

Well, Honey Badgers are known for being intelligent, solution orientated, strong, relentless and tenacious - which matches perfectly with my mission to prepare and protect my clients with unwavering support, ingenious ideas and my time-served consistent delivery! 

With two decades of experience providing administrative support to business leaders at Board, Senior Vice President and Vice President leadership levels under my belt, I’ve gathered years of skills and insight to deliver results. 

With FTSE 100 & 250 organisation experience, I specialise in saving you time, through top-notch essential administrative prowess and project coordination that you can guarantee will have you going places. I’m passionate about helping you grow your business to be the success you dream of, and will be your enthusiastic right-hand woman the whole way. 

Chat to me about interim services or part-time support, and let’s get you on track for greatness!  


Happy Clients


If you’re looking for a super organised VA who can help you work more efficiently, then you need Wendy. 

In my role as Vice President, Wendy was incredibly flexible, working the hours I needed to assist me with meeting tight deadlines. 

She helped me work much more efficiently by managing my diary, inbox, projects, travel and provided support to my team, so I didn’t have to worry about things like missing an important email or deadline. 

What makes Wendy unique is that she is straight-talking, calm, kind and trustworthy. 

I would highly recommend her services.

Amanda H | HR Refresh



In need of some process, structure, governance, and overall organisation within your day?

Do you find yourself not having enough hours in the day to manage all your administrative tasks?  I will find a way to repurpose your time to focus on the growth of your business. 

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